Goodmorning everyone!

Today I’m introducing you me into our factory to let you know what’s behind a shoe. And I’m going to do this, trying to make you feel all the love, the passion and commitment that every day we put to manufacture our products.

Are you ready?

Then, of course, after a thorough study on the search of new models, with our designers, the first step is the cutting of the leather. The cut is made by hand by skilled staff after selecting products of highest quality, making reference to “ethics of the shoe.”

The second phase is’ the skiving and hemming of the vamp; it is to say to prepare and sewing together all the pieces of leather to compose the upper. This phase is the most important! You have to be super precise, because the imperfection of this operation would make all the remaining production cycle imperfect.

The third stage is the bonding and the preparation of the upper, which involves the insertion of the ferrule within the upper and the buttress. The ferrule is applied on the front part of the upper to give form and reinforcement to the shoe, while the buttress is applied on the upper back to make sure that the heel is wrapped perfectly.


Now the upper is ready to be mounted on the form, under which was previously applied the insole, using a machine called PULLING. The operation consists in the draw and gluing of the upper under the front part of the form.

Then it passes to buffing under the form to eliminate all the excess parts of the upper to create a homogenous layer, for bonding the sole. Now the shoe is almost ready; It has been removed from the form and applies the heel.

The Last stage, but the most important, is to clean all shoes. Our shoes are checked one by one, making sure that it shows no defect. Finally the shoes are placed into the box, wrapped in a particular tissue, which will protect them until the use.

Behind our shoe there is a story that starts from very far away. For me, describing all stages of production, and is like telling a story that teaches us the values of quality and beauty, but overall the commitment and professionalism of employees. Many hours were spent to ensure that everything was working. And only the best shoes, will come at the end of the process and will bring the GIOIELLO brand guarantee of quality of the Made In Italy.

For any questions please leave a comment and I’ll answer !

Hear from you soon