The quality needs time

When the only distractions to a little boy with strong creative and manuals skills, were those offered by an Italy that has recently left the Second World War, the craftsman had the charm of a game. A game where you interacted with matter, transforming it into objects with their function … their beauty. A game in which the old master craftsmen have invented trades that have shaped the history of Made in Italy. I’m Marino Iommi and I was that kid. I loved to touch, smell and choose the leather carefully with my “teacher”, to understand the value of quality. I still remember when at the age of 14 years I literally smashed up my first shoe, curious to know how it was done … how it was stitched. With that passion and curiosity time had another taste, another burden … that the time is not wasted.

A lesson to learn

You do not become a craftsman of footwear from today to tomorrow, and fortunately still apply the rules then. To produce a quality shoe, it’s not enough to have a good team, to have the latest equipment and have excellent materials available. The “real” shoe that everyone today likes to call “Made in Italy” is a collection of small, but accurate passes, details, tricks and attention that you buy only spending time in trial and error and error. I still remember my teacher and his reproaches in the coveryor when I committed errors. Thanks to him I learned to be careful and to pay attention to detail. They are those who make the difference! They are those who allow you to put at your feet a pair of quality shoes, bought for the right value. I was 17 and devoting myself and my soul, I already knew to create a shoe from beginning to end … nothing made me more proud.

The artisan entrepreneur

I’ve always been of the opinion that if a person is serious and wants to work sooner or later reaches a goal. At only 20 years I thought I had already reached my own: I was foreman. It was my responsibility on the production and control of product quality and I was proud of it. For those times I could consider myself lucky, I had a job that I loved and I was well paid. But apparently that was not my way and so after a diversity of views with the owner of the time, I decided to found the Calzaturificio Marco Iommi. It was 1973 and we were still producing women’s shoes, but we passed to the comfort line in 1980, since then everything I’ve learned, everything I am is imprinted in Gioiello footwear, that I still love to cure with love together with my children Cristina and Marco, to them I wanted to convey all the passion and respect that this profession deserves. Because I like to think that those who wear a Gioello shoe brings a bit of my history and my … is a common Italian history at every true craftsman.


a Gioiello Family

Cristina Iommi and Marco with his father Marino, now as then, carry on the values of craftsmanship made in Italy based on reliability, quality and attention to the product. Because the tradition is important and helps us to see more clearly the future, guaranteeing a product in step with the times, but always linked to the guarantor produces real attention to detail and honesty in the use of absolutely top quality materials. The value of things is to go back to how they are made and what, in addition to style and fashion.